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Telecom Trak is a robust tool that eliminates the paper trails of the past while providing real-time reports that combine both current and historical data. This allows management to make effective decisions about their business.



Telecom Trak team maintains a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and performance excellence. We set our goals high and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through the creation and maintenance of a well-trained and motivated team.



Telecom Trak connects all the departments in your company and displays data from the entire office on an user-friendly dashboard. It shows all aspects of the cable contactor’s business, including invoicing, payroll, tech billing, QC, contractor files, equipment, purchases, custom pay selections, internal work orders , dispatch management, employee time clock, human resources, fixed asset inventory, resale inventory, and vehicle management. Every aspect of your business operations is tracked through Telecom Trak. You can easily check the overall health of your office in a matter of seconds.

IT Tech

Push technology, which operates through the use of triggers, allows users to determine when and how they receive e-mail notifications. Employees and managers can select the categories of information most important to them, so they receive automatic updates needed in order to make essential decisions in real time as opposed to days later. Each function is competely customizable allowing management to control data access levels to best suit their needs.

Company Dashboard

Your company homepage is a dashboard with personalized information that every user immediately recognizes upon login. Management messages can be displayed, as can performance statistics, job counts, and expired documents. There is a tool bar that allows users to navigate quickly to a particular section.


Telecom Trak systematically designs and organizes a wide variety of tasks similar in nature under each category that we classify as modules. Each module addresses multiple functions that you can perform along with the reporting mechanisms associated for that correlating module. Telecom Trak delivers the information you need in an intuitive way to use and easily understand. You can benefit with the years of experience we have in programming and operations to make sure that your top priorities get the right results.




The Telecom Trak team is ready to help you. Simply fill out the Platform Inquiry form below, and a Customer Solutions Manager will contact you within 24 hrs.

Whether your needs are related to one issue or span multiple departments, a brief needs assesment will take place first. Subsequent steps include identifying inefficiencies in your operations and proposing ways Telecom Trak can solve them and improve your business performance.

The final step in the Telecom Trak evaluation is an in-person, customized demo, where our expert visits your office and demonstrates the platfom‘s capabilities in solving your specific business operations needs.

Allow yourself to focus on growing your business while Telecom Trak helps you manage your day-to-day operations.

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